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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  August 8, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> schieffer: tonight, the state-by-state battle for the white house. our new poll shows who's ahead, who's behind, and why in key states that could decide the election. nancy cordes has the numbers and the story. bill whitaker has the latest pictures from mars and the flight director of the "curiosity" mission. >> people were just surprised that someone with a mohawk would be working at nasa. >> schieffer: her heart was failing but an experimental medical device saved her life. dr. jon lapook on the berlin heart. and... >> i dreamed as a little kid of being an air show pilot. >> schieffer: now seth doane tells us he's leading air national guard recruiting to new heights. >> wow.
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> schieffer: good evening, scott is off tonight, i'm bob schieffer. well, the election is now just 90 days away and new polls out today are giving us a better picture of how it's looking right now. with 270 electoral votes needed to win the white house, our cbs news election team estimates 212 are likely to go to president obama or they are leaning toward him. for mitt romney it is 191. so it will all come down to the 135 electoral votes that we estimate are up for grabs. those votes are in 11 states that could swing to either candidate electoral vote so thal concentrate tonight. last week we told you the president is leading in three of them-- florida, ohio, and pennsylvania-- today a new quinnipiac/cbs news/"new york times" poll of likely voters shows the president also leading in wisconsin by six points and
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he has a four-point lead in virginia. but mitt romney is ahead by five points in colorado, a state the president won the last time. the president's campaigning there today and our nancy cordes is with him. nancy? >> reporter: bob, when the president won this state back in 2008 he was the first democrat to do so in 16 years. but our new poll shows that he's lost some ground since then among some key voting groups. >> well, i tell you what, we win colorado i'll get for more years. >> reporter: president obama told a mostly female crowd in denver that governor romney would roll back the clock on women's rights. >> when it comes to a woman's right to make her own health care choices they want to take us back to the policies more suited to the 1950s than the 21st century. >> reporter: but according to today's poll, it's men the president needs to win over. in colorado, mr. obama trails mr. romney by 17 points among
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male voters. by ten points in wisconsin and by five in virginia. a big shift from four years ago when mr. obama won the male vote easily in two of those three states. here in colorado, his support has also eroded among college educated white voters who went for mr. obama by 14 points over senator john mccain in 2008 but now favor mr. romney by three points. the result? the president who won colorado by a comfortable nine points four years ago now trails governor romney in our poll by five points. in wisconsin, where the president won last time by a full 14 points our poll finds him leading romney by a much slimmer six point margin. but in virginia, the president leads among women by 14 points and his strong standing with young and middle aged voters gives him a narrow four-point lead in that critical state. the president sought to bolster his eight-point lead among colorado women today by
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campaigning with sandra fluke, the georgetown university law student who was disparaged by conservative commentator rush limbaugh earlier this year after she testified in favor of contraceptive coverage. >> it makes her a slut, right? >> reporter: at the time, the president called fluke to offer his support. >> mr. romney could only say that those weren't the words he would have chosen. (laughter) (boos) well, mr. romney, you're not going to be the candidate we choose. (cheers and applause). >> reporter: voters in all three states we polled were more likely to say mr. obama's economic plans would hurt them than help them. they were slightly more positive, bob, about mr. romney's economic plans. >> schieffer: you know, nancy, the undecided is down to a small number of voters but what... how strong is the support for these two candidates.
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>> we asked voters in our poll how strongly they supported the chosen candidate and here's what we found. voters who said they favored mr. obama were more likely to say they strongly favored him while voters who said they favored mr. romney were more likely than supporters of mr. obama's to say they were motivated by dislike of the other candidate. >> schieffer: very interesting. thank you very much, nancy. on the campaign trail today romney tried to make an issue over a recent and little-noticed change that the administration made in the 1996 welfare reform act. jan crawford has more on that now. jan? >> reporter: bob, governor romney is trying to use this welfare issue to paint the president as out of touch. >> with a very careful executive action he removed the requirement of work from welfare. >> reporter: it's a message romney is also taking to the airwaves in a new television ad in key swing states. >> under obama's plan you would haven't to work and would haven't to train for a job, they just send you your welfare
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check. >> reporter: here's the issue: the 1996 law requires that a certain percentage of state welfare recipients be engaged in work or specific work activities such as education or job training. without consulting congress, the administration last month said it could wave that requirement in the law if states can show they have their own programs to effectively increase employment. romney insists that change will ultimately expand welfare, an explosive charge intended to resonate with independent and middle-class voters who may decide the election in swing states like colorado, wisconsin, and virginia. the reaction from the white house was swift, calling romney's ad categorically false and blatantly dishonest. it said the change doesn't end welfare-to-work requirements but instead gives states more flexibility to cut their welfare rolls. president clinton, who negotiated the 1996 law with then house speaker newt gingrich, said in a statement that romney's accusations were
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disappointing. but in a conference call today with reporters, gingrich fired back, defending romney and calling the change to the law outrageous. romney's message on welfare reform is part of a broader theme his campaign will be hitting hard, arguing that president obama is a big spending liberal who is changing america by making more people depend on government to take care of them while hardworking taxpayers foot the bill. now, the white house is also arguing that romney and other republican governors tried to get similar waivers to the welfare law back in 2005, but, bob, romney's campaign says those waivers were totally different. they were intended to make the work requirements stronger. >> schieffer: all right, jan, thanks. by the way, our pollsters asked voters in all three states about gun laws and in all three most voters said they do not favor stricter laws on gun sales. but majorities in colorado, virginia, and wisconsin-- the states that have had deadly mass shootings-- favor a ban on high
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capacity ammunition magazines. the investigation of the deadly shooting at the sikh temple in oak creek, wisconsin, took a surprising turn today. it turns out it was not the police who killed the gunman. bob orr has the latest now on. that. >> reporter: the f.b.i. revealed today the deadly spree at the wisconsin sikh temple ended when gunman wade michael page killed himself. police cruiser video-- which is being held as evidence-- captured the gruesome scenario. page wounded the first responding officer, shooting him at least eight times. lead f.b.i. agent therese carlson says a second officer shot page in the stomach. >> thereby neutralizing the threat and, by the way, i've seen the video, it's an amazing shot and thank goodness. >> reporter: the wounded page then raised his 9 millimeter pistol to his own head and pulled the trig trigger. page, who played with white power bands and associated with racist groups left behind no
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note explaining his actions. and searches of page's car, apartment, and storage locker have turned up few clues. f.b.i. agents have conducted 100 interviews and are chasing more than 100 leads. >> after all of this work we still have identified no one else responsible for this shooting other than him. we also have not clearly defied a motive at this point. >> reporter: one of those interviewed is page's ex-girlfriend misty cook. like page, she's been linked to white supremacist groups. she was arrested and briefly detained sunday for illegally possessing a weapon, but investigators say there's no evidence cook any had prior knowledge or any involvement in the attack on the temple. investigators are now focusing on trying to find the stressor that may have caused page to snap. looking at things like the breakup with his girlfriend, the loss of his job, and increasing isolation as possible factors, bob. >> schieffer: all right, thank you very much, bob. in syria, the civil war is getting worse by the day with
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street battles throughout the country. holly williams is is on the turkish/syrian border and has the latest now. >> reporter: syria's front line runs through neighborhood where families once lived in peace. now the injured and the dead are carried through streets reduced to rubble. this video is believed to show the aftermath of a government onslaught in the town of tel rifaal, just outside of aleppo. with a new ground offensive, the regime is trying to drive rebels from their possessions as they continue to bombard them from the sky with warplanes. holding aleppo, syria's biggest city, is key to winning this civil war but aleppo is just one battleground in this country's deadly conflict. the skyline in holmes is pockmarked and blackened after months of fighting but still the guns ring out and these images appear to show a neighborhood in daraa in southern syria just seconds after it's been shelled by the government.
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syria is burning and bleeding, a country tearing itself apart in spasms of horrible violence. >> schieffer: holly williams joins us now from just over the syrian border in turkey. holly, there are reports now that the rebels now have the capability to shoot down syrian aircraft. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: when you talk to the rebels they say they need antiaircraft weapons and now a photograph has emerged on the internet of what looks like a rebel holding an s.a.-7, a heat seeking antiaircraft missile system. potentially that type of weapon could be a game changer in syria. but what we don't snow the condition of those weapons, how many of them the rebels might have or even if they know how to use them. >> schieffer: thank you very much, holly. thank you. the third time was a charm for the u.s. olympian. the device that can save the life of a new child waiting for
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you can get quality insurance that does not require any health questions or a medical exam. your rate will never increase and your coverage will never decrease. that's guaranteed. they're waiting to hear from you, so call now. >> schieffer: news today of a remarkable medical device for children waiting for a heart transplant. a study out today shows it can greatly improve their chances for survival. in fact, it saved the life of a young girl that dr. jon lapook met. >> reporter: three years ago, leanny rodriguez was a very sick baby.
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her heart was failing and the prognosis was poor. her mother swanny watched helplessly. >> they say she won't make it to wait for a heart transplant because she's getting sicker and sicker everyday. >> reporter: but leanny was lucky enough to get an experimental device called the berlin heart. the device takes over the heart's job of pumping blood. a tube implanted inside the heart channels blood to the pump which sits outside the body. it then send blood directly to arteries supplying the rest of the body. this is leanny today. she just celebrated her fourth birthday. the four month she is spent on the berlin heart bought her the time to receive a transplant. dr. charles fraser of texas children's hospital is the lead researcher for the device and operated on leanny. >> it's an amazing feeling. leanny would not be with us prior to this device being available. she would have languished and the likelihood that she would have been transplanted was extremely low. >> reporter: leanny was one of
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48 children who received the device between 2007 and 2010. 90% survived to get a heart transplant. in contrast, a recent study found that only 62% of children receiving conventional medical support lived long enough to get a new heart. the results led to f.d.a. approval in december and even surprised the researchers. >> we all believed that the patients were going to do well. but we didn't... i certainly didn't believe more than 90% of them were going to do well. >> schieffer: jon lapook is with us. jon, i guess we never stop and think about this, but it must be very difficult to get hearts that these children need so this does make a difference. >> absolutely, bob. think about it, you can't take a big heart that goes in the chest cavity of an adult and put in the the tiny chest cavity of a baby. there aren't enough of these tiny hearts to go around. in fact, the average wait for a kid to get a heart transplant is two to three months so for them this berlin heart can be truly
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life saving. what's being called a bridge to transplantation. >> schieffer: man. thank you, jon. well, hillary clinton is at the tail end of a six-nation tour of africa. you think she'd be exhausted but there was the secretary of state last night cutting loose at a reception in south africa. she didn't even flinch when this diplomatic dance took an an unexpected turn. (laughs) science can be cool. you'll meet some folks who are proving it with this mars mission, next. ♪ [ male announcer ] you've been years in the making. and there are many years ahead. join the millions of members who've chosen
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>> schieffer: here's a surprise. the government said today that july was the hottest month on record for the lower 48 states. the average temperature was 77.6 degrees. previous record for a single month 77.4. in july, 1936 during the dust bowl. moving now from earth to space, the last few years have not been great for nasa. when the shuttle program ended a lot of jobs were lost. but the latest negotiation mars has reenergizeed the space agency. scientist there is could not be happier with the way things are going and bill whitaker has the story. >> reporter: these are the best images so far of "curiosity"'s view of the martian horizon. here the rover from earth in the foreground, the martian
6:51 pm
landscape beyond. simple, black and white. to image scientist justin maki it's simply awesome. >> this image is just fantastic and we're very excited to see the system working. >> reporter: working beautifully with its camera mounted robotic army "curiosity" is beaming back a steady stream of low-resolution pictures, 14 minutes for each to travel the 140 million miles to earth. john tkpwrot syncker is lead scientist. >> it looks like what you see in the desert, it's cool. so it makes you feel at home. what's going to be interesting is going to be to be find out the ways it's different. >> reporter: this mission is showing a different nasa. gone are the thin ties and pocket protectors of early missions. john beck makes nasa videos. >> they're the coolest people and the smartest people i know. i have seen the blood, sweat, and tears. >> reporter: flight director bobeck ferdowski's tear tears he made him an internet star
6:52 pm
complete with a mary me bobak twitter page. >> if one kid says "i feel like i could be a part of nasa, too" that would be one of the most rewarding experiences for me. >> reporter: as for "curiosity," nasa promises a 360 degrees color photo in the next few days. bill whitaker, cbs news, pass deena. >> schieffer: now time for our nightly warning. if you don't want to know what happened at the olympics today this is the time to check the lawn sprinkler. if you do want to know, the american teem of carrie walsh jennings and misty may treanor won their third gold medal in beach volleyball. brittney reese took the women's long jump and allyson felix won gold in the women's 200 meter dash. she finished second in 2004 and 2008. now meet the star of the air show and the young men and women looking to follow in this flight path next.
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. a major fire breaks out. three people fighting for their live st in the hospital. we'll have a live report next at 7:00. guard has played a major role in america's defense. its jets were the first to respond to the 9/11 attacks. but in recent years the guard has been averaging fewer than 10,000 new recruits a year. this air,
6:56 pm
lieutenant skwrol nelcolonel joa performer. on the ground he's somewhat of a celebrity. and for the air national guard he's a secret weapon. how much of these air shows are purely about recruitment? >> all services have found air shows to be the military. >> reporter: klatt, a 23-year veteran of the air national guard has been deployed as a fighter pilot to iraq. in a war zone, the air guard can call in air strikes and provide o.j. logistical support to the u.s. air force. when not on the front lines, the 106,000 air guard members are ordered by state governors to assist during natural disasters. so this is the propeller.
6:57 pm
>> reporter: in 2005, klatt began partnering with the air guard to boost its profile. >> it was about ten years ago i was at an air show in missouri and i saw the air national guard recruiters in the back of the hangar without the visibility that they really deserve. >> reporter: and we're off. klatt took us up to demonstrate what captivate it is tens of thousands who visit these air shows. >> we're going straight up. >> reporter: wow. , >> reporter: today, his plane is a vehicle to spark interest among the next generation. we met 20-year-old adam at a recruitment booth. >> seeing john fly seems like it's something that i would want to do in the future. >> it generates that interest, that excitement that i want to check out what the air guard's all about. >> reporter: is there a bit of bait-and-switch? this looks spectacular but most jobs in the air national guard
6:58 pm
aren't that spectacular. >> well, clearly the percentage of pilots that fly fighters in airplanes in general in the air national guard is very small. but there's over 200 career fields to choose from. >> reporter: the air guard estimates it used to get 25 potential candidates at a recruiting event but after a john klatt air show the number of people who considered joining soars to 300. so klatt's most dynamic maneuver may be to perform a successful publicity stunt. seth doane, cbs news, north kingston, rhode island. >> schieffer: and that's the news. for scott pelley, i'm bob schieffer. cbs news in new york. see you tomorrow. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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this is 9news now. >> we begin with breaking news out of capital heights, maryland. three people are in the hospital after they were hurt in a house fire. it started late this afternoon in a two story duplex in the 600 block of carrington court. ken is live there with the latest. ken. >> reporter: well derek, i just spoke to a spokesman for the fire department who brought us up to date with the latest conditions. we are being told a 15-year-old boy taken out of here in critical condition has been stabilized at prince georges county hospital. now in the process of being transported to med star over in washington. let's go ahead and show you video of what it looked like earlier today. firefighters say at 4:30, they got the call


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